Gloo IT Cloud’s IT Hyperconvergence service powered by Simplivity allows businesses to create their own cloud environment, it is effectively a data centre in a box that can help businesses to establish a highly scalable, highly manageable infrastructure today that can grow with you.


SimpliVity delivers a unique data architecture on hyperconverged x86 building blocks. It’s hyper-simple, hyper-scalable, hyperconverged infrastructure for the modern software-defined data centre. Consolidating IT components into a single optimized platform with centralized management enables increased utilization and lower costs. Leading companies around the world recognise that SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure and data architecture improves efficiency and agility while dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership.

Features / Benefits

  • Generate 300% TCO savings across CAPEX and OPEX by simplifying your infrastructure.
  • Extend and simplify management of entire network with a single management screen.
  • Improve business agility eliminating the complexity of the legacy technology stack.
  • Streamline operations with a single pane of glass (vCentre) across server, storage, backup, WAN Optimisation and cloud.
  • Radical simplification of data protection with reduction of backup management, reduction of data movement, and reduction of training while also reducing recovery time and increasing number of restore points.
  • Ensures that you will continue to deliver the services, availability, performance, and protection you do today while maximising IT staff productivity as you grow.
  • Build enterprise class capability while managing infrastructure investment.
  • Add new services that might have been previously unaffordable, including backup, disaster recovery and WAN Optimisation.
  • Meet SLAs that the business requires as it grows

How it works

SimpliVity is a leader in converged infrastructure for the software-defined data center. Its unique data architecture contributes to a 300% reduction in total cost of ownership. SimpliVity’s Data Virtualization Platform introduces performance and capacity efficiency by eliminating unnecessary IO and redundancy. It deduplicates, compresses and optimizes data at inception, and keeps it in that state for its lifecycle. Integrated data protection eliminates the need for complex and costly add-on backup software and hardware. You can back up locally or store backups at a remote site. SimpliVity offers unified global management across multi-node and multi-site converged infrastructure federations, via a vCenter interface. SimpliVity takes a VM-centric point of view and tracks what data belongs to which virtual machine. This enables greater virtual machine mobility.