Event log management / security information event management (SIEM) is considered an IT best practice, and for regulated industries, an audit compliance requisite.

Gloo IT’s Security Information & Event Management service powered by AccelOps, gives you both real–time events & historical log analysis.


In todays IT security environment, growing and complex infrastructure set-­‐ups are making it more and more difficult to collect, correlate and interpret company data. With organisations holding massive volumes of event log data, in non-­‐standard and standard log formats it has become a struggle to consolidate and manage security events quickly and effectively. Gloo IT Cloud understands the importance of managing security events in real time. Gloo IT Cloud’s SIEM service leverages network performance, applications, change management, identity, location, virtualization, and other intelligence to take SIEM to the next level.

Features /Benefits

  • Collect, Parse, Correlate from Anywhere
  • Mainstream device support
  • Automatic Discovery
  • Multi-­‐Faceted Data Collection
  • Powerful Analytics for Real-­‐time Correlation and Alerting
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Instant Drill-­‐Down

How it works

Gloo IT Cloud’s SIEM service features an automated discovery-­‐driven approach that shortens the path to comprehensive monitoring and prevents future security blind spots. In real time, we add user and application context to events and provide unparalleled threat monitoring, prioritization and mitigation. This service extends your monitoring reach across on-­‐premise, off-­‐premise, and private and public cloud environments in a easy to manage dashboard.



Table of pricing to be finalised, including “Get a 3 month free trial of PAM when you purchase our SIEM service”

Location/Users Location 0-50 51-150 151-250 Over 250
Monthly Per User TBC TBC TBC TBC
Monthly Per Location TBC
One time Set up TBC
Support Incl. Incl. Incl. Incl.
SLA Incl. Incl. Incl. Incl.

Next Steps

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