Already protecting 400 million devices globally and leveraging over 8 trillion records annually, our Damballa threat protection service will detect threats on your network and terminate them, giving you the best defence against cyber threats.


As a breach is inevitable at some stage, our cloud service will automatically discover  your highest risk assets under the threat of attack. We combine the behavioural analysis of traffic and payload with our knowledge of attackers and their techniques and apply those algorithms to your environment.

Features / Benefits

  • Actively monitors network traffic for threat behaviours and activities
  • Discovers malware and cybercrime infections that has evaded traditional security measures
  • Tells you how it occurred and where it has spread to
  • Leverages our cloud management infrastructure to minimise onsite devices
  • Platform and OS agnostic – it supports windows, mac, linux, in fact any device with an IP address
  • Profiles the risk, assigning a risk level and can automatically terminate communications
  • Competitively priced for every size of business

How it works

Gloo It Cloud’s Threat Protection service automatically discovers hidden infections from advanced malware and advanced persistent threats no matter how they entered the network, the type of device or the operating system. As a network appliance sitting out-­of-­band, Threat Protection utilises an extensible array of patent-­pending Communication Profilers to discover evidence of criminal activity. Each Communication Profiler is specifically designed to hunt for network behaviour that will expose criminal actors.

The technology behind this service goes way beyond sandboxing; Threat Protection monitors network communications, uses 8 proven detection methods to discover infection and 9 profilers to assign risk in order of urgency and report back on this so it can be remediated in due course.



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